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June 30, 2006

On the Red Sox Season Tickets Waiting List

Heidi and I have been talking about getting Red Sox season tickets for a few years, but this year the conversation has gotten a lot more serious. Besides us finding Fenway Park a great place to spend an evening, we've talked about as the kids get older it would be nice to take them to games more regularly, or having access to tickets to give to visitors or friends.

So today I called the ticket office to see just what the process was like and was informed that in 2002 the Red Sox started a season ticket waiting list. The list grew to ~5000 people during a three-year period where they weren't able to accomodate any new season ticket requests. Apparently last year some folks did get a chance to buy season tickets.

There are three season ticket packages, a 10-game package based on day of the week, an evening game package for all evening games, and a full 81-game package. You can choose to be on the waiting list for a specific type of package, or be listed for any that come available. To be honest, a jump up to 81 games would be way to much for us who've never gone more than 5 games in a season, but if the chance comes up we'll see if we can pull together a bunch of folks to split up the season.

Since the waiting list appears to move slowly, I decided that even though we are not fully prepared to be season ticket holders, I'd get on the list. Getting on the list means paying $50 and getting a season ticketholder membership number, just doesn't allow you to purchase tickets.

So I did it, I put down the $50 and indicated that I'm interested in any package that becomes available. The person I talked to said that generally, the tickets becoming available are in the bleachers and outfield grandstand. Once you are a season ticketholder you can work your way to better seats by upgrading as seats become available.

So who knows, I think best-case scenario is we'll get a 10-game package next year. What's probably more likely is that we'll be on the waiting list for several years before we get a chance to buy. With the Red Sox playing great baseball I imagine that people want to hang on to their season tickets.

Now I have a reason to feel better if the Sox have a bad year, it might increase the chances of getting tickets. That will provide some pretty good consolation if the season falls apart.

Posted by mike at June 30, 2006 12:05 PM