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June 15, 2006

Web-based Spreadsheet: EditGrid (not Google)

Today I was looking at the Catalyst Web Framework for Perl, a web-development framework to bring Perl into the modern age of framework-based web development (ala Ruby on Rails and Django). Actually, there are a variety of frameworks for Perl, but Catalyst seems like it's got the best shot at competing with the other frameworks.

Anyhow, I was interested to see that one of the web applications built using Catalyst is EditGrid, a web-based spreadsheet utility. Some pretty impressive functionality they've developed. It's amazing what can be done in the browser these days.

I haven't used Google Spreadsheets, but EditGrid has a spreadsheet comparing EditGrid, Google and MS Excel.

One thing that stands out in the comparison is that EditGrid has more search functionality (search within spreadsheet and search across public spreadsheets), more sharing options (share read or read/write with public and share read or read/write with password protection), and offers interoperability with more document formats. I would have guessed Google would be at the top of innovation in all of those areas. EditGrid also has SSL support available for all grid interaction.

Looks like EditGrid launched on March 2nd this year, a few months prior to Google. They are well aware of the competition.

Cool, you can post a spreadsheet to your weblog.

Posted by mike at June 15, 2006 3:56 PM