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August 31, 2006

There's No Place Like Fenway Park

Heidi and I spent the evening tonight at Fenway Park (home of Boston Red Sox) soaking in the atmosphere. It was, as always, a real treat and I can't help making a note of it (even though it hasn't been to long since the last time we went).

The moment of the evening was in the 8th inning. With 2 outs and a 2-run lead the Sox let the other team put a runner on 1st and watched as the tying run came up to the plate. Since we've lost the last 12 of 14, many of them where we gave up a lead late in the game, the fans are nervous.

Then Francona (the coach) steps onto the field to make a pitching change and calls for Jonathan Papelbon from the bullpen. The place goes crazy. Papelbon is amazing when it comes to closing games. He's not perfect, there have been times when the other team has gotten to him, but for Red Sox fans there's no one better to be on the mound in a tight situation. The crowd is on their feet screaming, clapping, whistling etc as Papelbon makes his way across the outfield to the mound. There's nothing like that feeling of Fenway Park, the fans full of energy and emotion attempting to give the players a jolt of electricity to pull it off.

And they didn't dissapoint last night. Papelbon delivered with the help of some excellent fielding. A great game.

Now if they could just repeat that for the next few weeks to get back in the running for the playoffs.

Posted by mike at August 31, 2006 11:45 PM