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October 27, 2006

I Like Ubuntu Server for MySQL

I got a lot of feedback on my question a few weeks back when pondering what I might choose for an OS to run MySQL. I also got a few "so what did you go with" questions.

A week ago I decided to give Ubuntu server a shot at winning my favor. I haven't used Ubuntu much, but all the fuss over it warrants giving it a shot.

I'm quite pleased so far. It meets at least two of the items on my list from that original post (minimal processes and minimal footprint). I'm not familiar with the philosophy behind building the Ubuntu kernel, but I'll accept the fact that there's nothing specifically tailored for MySQL.

Four clues that the server is installed minimal:

What's great about starting with Ubuntu (standing on the shoulders of Debian) is that to get from the base install to what you need is very simple. In RPM or pkgadd land getting from a stripped OS up to the point of running a self-compiled, networked version of MySQL would mean going through some kind of an annoying build process. With apt-get it's so very easy.

Yea, so I'm back to using a self-compiled MySQL (after a long time using pre-compiled binaries), which is incredibly easy to get to from a fresh install of Ubuntu server. More on that later . . .

Posted by mike at October 27, 2006 12:18 PM