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October 25, 2006

MacBook Pro Back from Apple - New Guts Inside

Over the past 6 months that I've owned my MacBook Pro it's slowly gone south in a variety of areas. Most of them I've just dealt with over the months but it finally came to a head about a month ago when my MagSafe power adapter wasn't reliably connecting anymore and I ended up in a couple of situations with a dead battery and couldn't get a charge going.

So I called Apple, who were right to immediately inform me that I didn't have a service plan. I never quite understand this, but Apple gives you a 1-year hardware warrantee but only 90 days of phone support. Beyond the 90 days if you have a hardware issue you can't report it on the phone unless you pony up $50 for the phone call (which is reimbursed if it turns out to be a hardware issue).

Anyhow, I went ahead and bought the extended warrantee as I figured I was going to get my money's worth on this machine since I knew it had a slew of problems.

My list of issues:

  1. MagSafe no longer works reliably - doesn't seem to make the connection so isn't charging the battery
  2. Audio-out stuck on optical, internal speakers don't work
  3. Faulty power inverter (high-pitched squeal)
  4. Left-side fan noise
  5. Hot as heck, esp above the F1 key and around the same location underneath
  6. CD-drive freezes up from time-to-time ripping CDs

The MacBook was gone for around 3 weeks, during which I made several demanding phone calls. When it finally got back last week it included a list of the items that were replaced:

  1. Main logic board
  2. Fan assembly
  3. Power supply

The end result is a MacBook Pro that is actually consumer-worthy. The laptop isn't hot anymore and doesn't have the annoying sounds that it used to. And I can hear sounds through the speakers again (although I rarely use them).

I figure it's worth the cost of the service warrantee to get almost completely new guts for the laptop. Except for the fact that there is an updated line of MacBooks Pros now, it almost seems like a new laptop again.

Posted by mike at October 25, 2006 8:32 AM