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November 5, 2006

Pete Joins OpenAir

(I wrote about this last Monday but lost the post in a machine reboot - hopefully 2nd attempt will take).

Last Monday Pete (who's weblog makes a lousy link) joined the engineering team at OpenAir. Yes, the same company and team I'm working for now. Pete's my brother.

We've talked for years about someday working together, have tossed around a variety of ideas that could have turned into something but until this week the only real "work" we had done together was maintaining the kruckenberg servers.

It all started a few months ago when OpenAir started asking internally for potential engineering candidates. I mentioned it to Pete and after some thinking he applied, came for an interview, was offered the job, did some negotiating, and now he's on board (it didn't happen that fast though).

We've hashed around a few "rules" about working together, and sometimes I get worried that it might be a bad decision, but we decided the risk of a problem was low as neither of us have decision-making ability that affects the other. It could be uncomfortable for one of us if the other "screwed" or "got screwed by" the company, but I think the chances of that are low as we're both pretty level-headed individuals.

We'll see how things change over time, but I'm mostly excited for OpenAir to have another bright open source guru on board, and excited for Pete to experience being part of a highly-productive, minimal-management, work-at-home environment.

Pete's in Boston this week (pick him up at Logan Airport in 1 hour) to meet folks, get some training, and attend the OpenAir User Summit.

Posted by mike at November 5, 2006 10:04 PM