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November 26, 2006

A Trip to the New England Aquarium

With a nice long Thanksgiving break from work and school we packed in a number of things we'd been wanting to do. One of the highlights was a trip with the kids to the New England Aquarium on Friday afternoon. A few years back we had a membership and went many times, but it has been awhile. A few weeks back we were gifted a new membership and so took the chance to go down.

Was a nice, warm, sunny day. Unusual considering it is late Novemenber. Some years we would have been walking in snow. We hopped on the train after an early lunch and were in the aquarium around noon.

We spent a chunk of time watching the penguins (Rockhoppers are my favorite) and then spent the rest of the time on the spiral ramp surrounding the mega tank at the center of the aquarium. We stopped at three different locations and watched for 10-15 minutes each; the base of the tank where the sharks tend to roam, the middle where you can see a wide variety of smaller fish and the turtles, and up above the surface at the top.

The photo is one of a few dozen I took trying to capture the kids and the activity inside the tank. If you haven't been, the center of the aquarium is a four-story tank surrounded by a walkway (this virtual map shows the layout). The spiral ramp is lined with nooks to step off the ramp and into a small area (three or four people) to watch activity in the tank. The photo was an attempt to capture the kids watching in one of these cubbys. Was a hard thing to capture. Saul's (9 months) face and finger hint a little at how cool it was to be watching the turtle.

The nice thing about having a membership is you really don't have to get your money's worth out of one trip. It was a very busy day and there were a ton of people. We didn't stay longer than a few hours and then went out to have a snack on Rowe's Warf and enjoy the weather.

On the way home we had time for Jo and I to swing into Crate and Barrel and pick up two presents for mom (one from Jo, one from Saul). I believe that may qualify as the earliest I've ever done any Christmas shopping.

Posted by mike at November 26, 2006 9:52 PM