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November 9, 2006

Upgrade Weblog Software, New Weblog Server

If you're reading this you are seeing the first post from an upgrade to MovableType 3.33 and a move to a new server. The mike subdomain (mike.kruckenberg.com) is now running on a shared-hosting solution in hopes that it will relieve the current kruckenberg server (running on DSL at Pete's house) from bandwidth and other duties.

The new version of MovableType is nice, the subtle changes are welcome and seem to make using the authoring interface just a little more useful. The jury is out on the new server and hosting service. It appears that everything has transferred nicely for the weblog but will give it some time before calling it good.

It feels a little strange. Ever since I started writing here the server has been under Pete's desk at home, first on a T1 and more recently on a 1.5d/768u DSL line. When the server moved to a DSL line I started pushing for a hosted solution and after a few weeks of fiddling I'm now on it. While it's a better solution all-around there's still something that feels out of place about moving off the machine I built from scratch a few years back.

Posted by mike at November 9, 2006 10:19 PM