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November 5, 2006

Working in a Highly-Productive Organization

Back in March I joined OpenAir as a principal software engineer. It's been a little more than 6-months now and as I was thinking about it my experience thus far is highlighted by a great appreciation for real, prolonged productivity. Allow me to quote myself:

I have come to really love having complete control over how much I get done in a day. It's a lot when as an engineer I don't have a lot of meetings, conference calls, instant message conversations, and drop-in visitors. Besides checking in on email periodically during the day and a daily review of my FogBugz queue, I'm free to do what I really love best...solve problems with my experience and software engineering skills.

To add a little background I'll throw out a few bullet points:

As JT once proclaimed, "Dad loves his work" (although for me it's not with the same intended meaning). I do love the experience of working for this kind of an organization.

Posted by mike at November 5, 2006 10:24 PM