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December 8, 2006

Light Up The Darfur Wall

In my morning reading I came across a site launched a few weeks ago that was built as a mechanism to provide relief to folks in Darfur, Sudan. A cool idea, there is a series of grids with 400,000 numbers in grey (representing lives lost in Darfur). Each dollar that is donated lights up one of the numbers of the grid. The zoomed out view is just single pixels, the zoomed in view shows the actual numbers that are lit.

The about page has information on Darfur and what the foundation is working to accomplish.

You can donate any amount (it is very easy, and they accept PayPal which makes donating much easier for me). The first dollar goes toward a designated number, which gives you the icon and a page with your information. Every dollar after that lights up a random number.

Why number 39? It was the one randomly selected and I took it. Perhaps you'll find a number more meaningful to you.

Posted by mike at December 8, 2006 9:06 AM