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January 9, 2007

Watching Macworld Apple Keynote Delayed, but Unspoiled

A few days ago MacRumors put up a "spoiler-free" page for the Steve Jobs Macworld keynote happening at 9am PST on January 9th (today). The idea is that if folks wanted to watch the keynote without knowing what was coming they could use this page to check for the streaming video and avoid any coverage of what was happening out at Macworld.

I liked the idea of seeing the keynote fresh so I decided to try it. Steve's keynote at Macworld is a must for me, I've been watching it for years (and some day I'll actually get out there to see in person). Yesterday morning I opened a Safari window to the non-spoiler page, shut off my RSS aggregator, and for the past two days avoided anything that might give me a hint about what was coming.

It wasn't too hard to avoid the rumors yestarday, but it became more difficult today during and after the keynote before the video was put up when folks started to invade my inbox with comments. Sorry to the folks who emailed me today and got no response, if the subject looked suspicious I ignored it.

This was a pretty good Macworld keynote to see without any preconcieved ideas. The introduction of the iPhone has a lot folks talking (and gave Apple stock a nice boost). I'm not sure I'll do the same thing next time, it's just not worth the hassle and Steve's keynote has always been great even if I know what is coming.

Posted by mike at January 9, 2007 10:22 PM