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March 12, 2007

Ruby on Rails and Reporting at Boston MySQL Meetup

Made it out to the Boston MySQL meetup tonight. I haven't been out for awhile, is nice to be back and see folks.

Tonight Brian DeLacey talks about Ruby on Rails and Reporting, looking at MySQL through the eyes of Ruby. Interesting that when Brian asks MySQL folks about the languages that they use there are folks from all walks; Perl, PHP, Ruby, Java, Python. And many hands that go up for two, three or four languages. I wonder how MySQL users compare with other DBMS system users as far as multi programming language experience and use.

Brian essentially is giving an introduction to Ruby, Rails, and then digs down into how it interacts with MySQL looking at ActiveRecord and concluding with how to get down to the direct SQL layer.

A side note: Brian lives right cross the street from me and also works at home. A post is brewing about that and some of the interesting intersections of our work.

Posted by mike at March 12, 2007 7:12 PM