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April 24, 2007

Marten Mikos: The Participatory and Disruptive Spirit of the Dolphin

Tuesday morning at the 2007 MySQL Conference kicks off with Marten Mikos.

Marten talks about the shift from packaged, closed-source software running on commodity hardware. Today the most advanced companies are providing on-demand service, built with open source software, running on commodity hardware.

Open source disrupts inefficient models and produces new wealth (don't kill the messenger, open source is just a response to the market). It attracts the brightest developers, serves the fastest growing businesses, venture capital, and more.

Marten talks about amateurs vs. professionals and that the historical context of amateurs. The original meaning of the term amateurs

MySQL (the company) must be aware of innovation...both from internal and external sources.

Robin Schumaker steps up for a few minutes to demonstrate the MySQL Monitoring and Advisory service. Falcon is being built to expand the information available on the monitoring service.

Marten shows a slide with a scale of uptime requirements starting with three 9's working up to five 9's. At the botom end of the scale is the community edition (hmmm, that probably warrants some additional comments) and it moves up to the MySQL HA Cluster.

MySQL has employees in nearly 30 companies, 70% work from home in 100 major locations.

How do they run a company like this:

To be a disruptive business you find a smarter way to produce and distribute. Serve the underserved, keep it simple, and innovate to provide more convenience. You need to make money.

"We will not sue you to download our software and our product documentation without limits."

Some very interesting numbers about who is using MySQL.

Presentation ends with the award ceremony.

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