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April 26, 2007

Post-Talk Thoughts about INFORMATION_SCHEMA

There were a few interesting comment themes that came up in the INFORMATION_SCHEMA talk I gave this morning at the 2007 MySQL Conference:

  1. To my point about not getting too crazy about extending the I_S, an attendee who is passionate about SQL standards made the point that the I_S standard specifically mentions that is can/should be extended. Excellent news.
  2. There are some serious questions about performance of the I_S tables. More than one attendee commended during and after that the I_S isn't a viable option for them because of how slow it responds when trying to get data.
  3. The sample in the presentation didn't show using the conditions, but it is possible for an I_S fill_* function to use the conditions on the query. (I'll have to look and see if this is being done anywhere).

So while I think I provided a lot of information on how to use I_S, how to make your own I_S tables, and what is coming with pluggable I_S, I left with a lot of questions to ponder.

Posted by mike at April 26, 2007 3:36 PM