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April 23, 2007

Vital Rails: An Introduction ot the Ruby on Rails Framework

First session on Monday morning at the 2007 MySQL Conference is Joe O'Brien (who's title is "artisan") giving a tutorial on Rails.

I've fiddled with Ruby over the past year and have run through the process of setting up Rails and "generating" a scaffolding but it never gets much farther than a simple page or few simple pages with very basic functionality. I'm hoping this will be a good jumpstart to move things along even if it covers a lot of what I know already.

Interesting...Joe starts by talking about the DHH Creating a weblog in 15 minutes screencast and says "if you've seen it, forget it". The video makes Ruby on Rails looks like it is about code generation or templates. It is not about that.

Joe dives right into talking about Ruby and its roots in Smalltalk and Lisp and looks at some of the language features. He then shows the Rails structure.

Joe then digs into ActiveRecord (makes sense for a MySQL Conference).

[The session has now turned into a very hands-on session where we're writing a database access program in pure Ruby looking very closely as SQL and various ways to construct DDL and other queries using Ruby. A good thing for a MySQL Conference.]

The tutorial then turns in the exact direction I need. Joe starts with a blank directory and runs the rails generator and starts looking at where to go from there. I've gotten to this point a few times and have struggled with what to do with the seemingly endless dump of directories and files.

A few places to look for stuff: peepcode.com, Pragmatic Programmers, Agile Web Development with Rails and The Ruby Way. Ruby Forge has a lot of good information. Caboo.se has a good weblog and a collaborative documentation project that looks pretty cool. The documentation for Rails has suffered since pre-1 versions so this is good.

There's an Enterprise Rails conference coming as well.

All of Joe's files that were used for the demo are up here.

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