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July 5, 2007

Totally Worth It (iPhone)

I've only been using this recently purchased iPhone for a few minues now and am (as it appears to be for most users) very, very impressed. Even after watching the keynote in January, all of the build up since, watching the tutorial movies, reading all of the reviews, etc, etc, etc, it is still impressive and hard to believe how easy, intuitive, and natural this device is. What took so long? It seems so obvious using this phone how much the UI on handheld devices up to this point really hasn't been that good.

Many folks I know will scoff at spending so much money for a phone, and like the iPod, it's hard to explain why it is worth the expense. I only really worried about my splurge on the drive home from the Apple store. As soon as I got it open, registered, and started playing with all of that quickly turned into a feeling of satisfaction.

Maybe as time goes on there will be things that creep up that will bring and end to the honeymoon, but for now I'm happy with the decision and loving the thought of leaving my BlackBerry in the past.

Update: A few more hours have passed and I've gotten deeper into using the phone by syncing my data and media over and then actually using the phone during more routine daily activities. Even more conviced of its value.

So far this has all been over my home wifi, interested to see how things change with the experience when using the cell phone bandwidh.

Posted by mike at July 5, 2007 4:57 PM