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August 14, 2007

The New iMac on My Desk

The FedEx guy came early this morning with a large box from Apple. As I had previously promised, a new 24" brushed aluminum iMac is now on my desk.

The last time I had a desktop computer was in early 2003, more than 4 years ago. While I will still use my laptop a lot, especially on the go, it is really nice to have a desktop and the things that come with a machine more permanent affixed.

The 24" glossy screen is, as Steve (Jobs) would say, stunning. I found myself feeling particularly productive today when working on code because you can just see so much of it on the screen at one time. My 15" MacBook Pro laptop screen isn't as clear, and can't show anywhere near as much at one time. Being able to see another 40 lines of code vertically, and have two separate editor windows and a browser all lined up horizontally is really nice.

The new Apple keyboard have a similar feel to a laptop keyboard, without the surface of the laptop to deal with. The touch is very soft. It was a little strange for the first hour or so, but after that I really like how quiet it is and how little effort it takes to hammer out text.

With almost a terabyte of storage (750GB internal, 250GB external) I'm slowly getting all of my data back under control. For the past year or so I've had to spread my data across various machines, external drives, and backup DVD/CDs. Nice to have space to organize all of that and have it readily available. I don't have to keep my music on a separate external drive anymore!

The processor and graphics power on this machine are also very nice. Definitely noticed the speed in launching apps and the display. It's hard for a laptop to compete with the kind of processor and high-end graphics card that come with a desktop.

The bottom line...it has been awhile since I upgraded to a new machine and was wowed by the experience. This new 24" aluminum iMac has done it for me.

More later on the new software that came with this, thinking about going without Office for a bit and seeing if Pages, Numbers, and Keynote can get me through.

Posted by mike at August 14, 2007 12:30 AM