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October 11, 2007

How do I resist the MINI Cooper?


I'm still not 100% sure we need a 2nd car, but the amount of money being funneled into ZipCar's pocket book these days has me thinking a lot about putting another permanent set of wheels in our driveway.

I'm not exactly sure when it happened, but I got into my head the idea that if we're going to get a 2nd car I must have a BMW MINI Cooper. I guess I've always wanted a sporty car (Audi TT was top of the list for awhile). I think the MINI was solidified as the car for us when ZipCar put one at the lot down the street and it became my car of choice any time we needed more than 1 car. Man that thing is fun to drive (even with it's non-sporty automatic transmission).

So a few months ago I set up this long list of Craigslist RSS feeds that had searches running around the clock to give me up-to-date data about MINI Cooper listings in cities all over the east coast. I figured if I could find the right car in any town within 8-10 hours from Boston I would gladly fly somewhere to get the right car and price to drive home (I have a brother-in-law that does this as a side business).

Heidi has been very resistant to (1) getting a second car and (2) it being something more than a $500 jalopy. However, since I started dreaming about having a MINI Cooper she's had several people tell her straight out that she should let it happen. I'd say the count is now up near 10 people who are rooting for a Cooper in the Kruckenberg family.

And this picture I just got in an email exchange from a craigslister doesn't help my efforts to resist.

Posted by mike at October 11, 2007 8:07 PM