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December 7, 2007

Where's Mike and MySQL?

Have been thinking about my lack of postings . . . there are two reasons why posting about MySQL (and in general) has become rare in recent months.

First, and primarily, it is because of life changes. Where I used to have a moment here and there to write what was happening or on my mind, I'm barely able to post about anything these days. The whole time and season thing seems to be at play here.

Second, I just don't spend that much time fiddling with MySQL. It used to be that my work brought up lots of interesting things related to the database. I'm still the resident MySQL guy at my current job, but it's rare that something comes up that requires database expertise. And it's not that we're lightweights. We have a very high-volume system with a farm of database servers doing some pretty intense business/enterprise-level querying. We just don't find many issues that require attention down at the database level.

Some folks might wonder if I've run off in a different direction because of these concerns. Not true.

Posted by mike at December 7, 2007 9:07 AM