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April 29, 2008

The Kruckenberg Ear Index

Some time ago we had a dinner discussion that got onto the topic of ear sizes. Heidi made some statement about ears being full size early on, or never stopping growing, or some interesting piece of ear trivia that got us talking about ears. This led to a cursory review of each family members ears, which quickly led to a more scientific approach to determining how each members ears measured up.

The scientific data gathering included taking a napkin around the table, holding the napkin up to each person's ear and marking the distance from the ear lobe to the top of the ear. The results were predictable, with one surprise in that Heidi had the longest ears of all. I find it interesting the relatively small difference between a 2-year old ear and that of an adult. 3/8" is all that 35 years will add to Saul's ears.

At the time we didn't consider measuring ear protrusion, or the distance an ear sticks out to the side of one's head. Based on informal research, Saul easily takes the cake, although it might be a proportional thing where at a young age the ear appears to stick out more.

Anyhow, supposing this to be interesting research history for us sometime down the road, and on the off chance our results might be interesting to someone else, I'm posting the visual results.

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April 28, 2008

A Week in Puerto Rico

We're about halfway through a trip to Puerto Rico, somewhat aligning with a break in the kids school. It has been fantastic, we've had a chance to see a lot of different things on the island. We're enjoying the culture and weather, and wishing we knew more Spanish (although we're getting through with the bare essentials, like El baƱo).

A brief synopsis:

  1. April 24: fly to San Juan in the morning, spend day in Old San Juan, drive to Mayaguez
  2. April 25: sightseeing in Mayaguez, evening at beach in Rincon, late-night visit to Plaza Colon
  3. April 26: drive to Ponce for lunch and sightseeing, continue on to Luqillo
  4. April 27: relax at condo, play games, do a puzzle, go for leisurely walk
  5. April 28: morning at Playa Azul (beach), afternoon at condo pool
  6. April 29: morning at rain forest, afternoon at condo pool and Luquillo beach
  7. April 30: fly back to Boston

We've put a few selected photos up in the gallery.

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April 2, 2008

All the Reasons to Attend 2008 MySQL Conference

If there ever was a year to be at the MySQL conference, this seems to be it. The keynote lineup has always been excellent, and this year looks to be no exception. I'm guessing there will be quite a round of applause when Jonathan Schwartz takes the stage (slightly more vigorous from MySQL stockholders).

If that's not compelling enough, Werner Vogels (CTO, Amazon) will talk about building the Amazon infrastructure, the scaling MySQL keynote panel (with representatives from Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, and MySQL) is sure to provide some valuable notes, and Raj Cherabuddi will talk about the new Kickfire appliance with SQL-processing chip. And that's just a few of the keynotes. Other notable companies with speakers include Google, Digg, Twitter, New York Times, Ebay, Ticketmaster, Stumbleupon, Sxip, Six Apart, and a slew of others that probably deserve to get mentioned.

And there's no shortage of technical content. Personally, Monday's MySQL Proxy: The Complete Tutorial by Giuseppe and Jan looks fantastic. A great chance to get fully up to speed on something I think is going to become increaslingly important in building MySQL systems.

I won't be there this year, decided a few months back to sit out this year (yes, it is ironic given this post...I'm questioning that decision now that I look over the conference program). I'm hoping bloggers will be in full force.

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