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May 14, 2008

Roof Photos of Boston's new Apple Store

A friend who's office overlooks Boston's new Boylston Street Apple store has been feeding me pictures for the past month as the largest US Apple store gets into shape.

I didn't realize until reading the Boston Globe article today that the grass on the roof is unaccessible to customers and only viewable from surrounding buildings. The Globe reporter got to see it, but didn't post any photos. The Gizmodo insider photos didn't include one either.

The photos aren't anything spectacular, and grass isn't something to get really excited about, but since there seem to be no photos on the web I figured I'd post a few that were sitting in my inbox.

Apple has other stores with grass on the roof. I'd bet it does more good from a marketing perspective than environmental. Imagine looking out the window of a downtown Boston building and amidst thousands of blacktop roofs there is a small green pasture of lush grass. It becomes a landmark and a point of conversation. Everyone that sees it will ask about it, and have some kind of positive feeling about Apple.

(thx Dave)

Posted by mike at May 14, 2008 5:36 PM