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September 17, 2008

Catching a Game at Yankee Stadium

It goes against everything I believe, being a Bostonian, and Red Sox fan. Still, while in New York City I couldn't resist the opportunity to go see a game in the soon-to-be-old Yankee Stadium. I didn't root/cheer for either team because the White Sox were in town, and I don't like them either.

However, it was worth the trip up to the Bronx. I had a good seat, and got to see Jeter break Lou Gehrig's 71-year-old record for most hits at the Stadium.

Also, one of our children (Ezra) has also decided that his parent's team is not his team and has chosen the Yankees. Going to Yankee Stadium and taking a few photos to send back home was a nice gesture.

Definitely not the same energy as Fenway Park. When it was time for the Yankees to rally in the 9th, the remaining crowd tried to get into it, but there weren't many left. Although, to be fair, I haven't been in Fenway park when it's too late in the season to make a run at the playoffs.

Posted by mike at September 17, 2008 11:15 PM