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September 16, 2008

John Resig: Secrets of JavaScript Libraries

Listening to John Resig speak at NYC Web 2.0 Expo on JavaScipt.

Prior to starting John reiterates several times that this is a technical session, talking about functions, closures, and prototyping in JavaScript. John uses a series of pages he built to follow along with, at http://ejohn.org/apps/learn/ (works in Firefox and Safari). If you double click on any of the JavaScript, it becomes editable. You can make changes and then press run. How cool is that?

This presentation talks about advanced JavaScript techniques, but doesn't delve into cross-browser techniques. Not a lot of good documentation on how different browsers run JavaScript, will be in John's next book.

John is good at handling questions, from folks with a spectrum of JavaScript understanding. Impressive on-the-fly modification of the presentation to provide details about the examples. Clearly knows his stuff.

The presentation has periodic quizzes, which John lets you fiddle with the code in your browser and see if you can implement something he's gone over.

Some specifics (not 100% on the terminology for all of these concepts):

Sadly, I had to slip out at the break to look at some work issues.

Posted by mike at September 16, 2008 1:33 PM