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September 17, 2008

Web Analytics 2.0

At NYC Web 2.0 Expo listening to Avinash Kaushik's talk, Web Analytics 2.0: Rethinking Decision Making in a "2.0" World.

Avinash is a fantastic presenter.

Companies will not die if they don't have data, sometimes they die despite having data.

The clickstream data itself doesn't provide much. Web analytics 2.0 tells you more than what happened. It's about the how much, the why, and the what else. This looks at multiple outcomes analysis, experimentation and testing, voice of the customer, competitive intelligence, and insights.

An examle, the bounce rate. Shows you what percentage got to your site and left immediately. Look at the bounce rate for different pages, because the search engine drops users on many different pages. Don't sacrifice sexiness for usability.

Avinash noticed that his site got 20,000 visitors, using 9,500 different keywords one month. The report with 9,500 keywords was incredibly long. So he turned it into reports which show increases or decreases in search words.

Look at websites that have sent you traffic in the past 7 days that have never sent traffic before.

In the past everything was done on the page views, Analytics 2.0 is adding events, so you can report on all of the incremental things that happen on a dynamic site.

Conversion rate. Average conversion rate is less that 2%. What is happening to other 98% who don't take an action. Do they come for support, research, careers? Quantify the complete value, make sure you're keeping track of goals that encompass all of the reasons a user comes to your site.

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