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February 10, 2009

The Last Soda

Dear Mr. Dew,

You've been in my life for a long time, about 22 years now I guess. It started back in high school when my preference for Mello Yello took a back seat for the less mellow, mountainously thrilling taste that flows from your wide-mouth opening.

Since then you've been a regular character in most of the scenes of my life. There have been periods where I've gone without, even long chunks of time, but you've always made your way back in. Oh how I've enjoyed a cold, even frosty (I put you in the freezer one hour before lunch), beverage every day at lunchtime over the past few years. Sometimes, on "special occasions," I'll have a second later in the day or even drink unmetered for a period where long nights are required. Those special occasions have been getting more frequent, and sometimes downright out of control.

Last week, as my supply was running low, I started wondering how old a person can get an still have this kind of treat as a part of their regular diet. I'm not old yet, and definitely don't prioritize healthy eating. I do know when I get to be an old man I will surely have stopped enjoying the sugary treat. How old is that, 40, 60, 80? And what will have happened between now and that age with regards to refreshing soft drinks?

So I figured now is probably the best time to say goodbye. I downed the my last can on February 6th, at lunchtime. I know, I've stopped before. Maybe it won't be for good, but I'm not getting any younger and the sad image of an 80 year old man sitting on the porch drinking a Dew is a powerful deterrent.


Posted by mike at February 10, 2009 8:56 PM