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April 23, 2009

In Ireland

We're in Ireland for 9 days (a day touring the Irish countryside and western coast, a week in Dublin, and a day in Belfast).

Check for pictures on Heidi's Picassa gallery. We're trying to update it every night.

Travel here went pretty well. After the all-night flight we found our way to our apartment, got checked in, ate lunch, and then got out to get some information from the tourist center and see a few things. We stumbled around Dublin for a few hours to sightsee and keep ourselves awake until dinner time when we could eat and then crash.

Because the next day, our first full day, was a train and bus tour of the Irish countryside and western coast, we needed a full night's rest. Staying out all day meant we'd for sure sleep even though our bodies may have been thinking it was mid-afternoon.

The photo here is the Spire of Dublin, on O'Connell street.

Posted by mike at April 23, 2009 6:09 AM