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June 17, 2009

20 Mile Road Bike Loop Originating in Malden, MA

This is my most recent ride iteration in my quest to find a good 20-30 miles route starting and ending right around where we live. It's not perfect, but it works pretty well given that we live in a densely populated area and I often ride during evening commuting hours.

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June 9, 2009

Another Boston Suburb Road Bike Route

The after work, before dinner bike ride today followed a route I planned out last night, up through the center of the Fells, up and across Stoneham and Wakefield, down through Melrose and back into Malden along the east side of the Fells.

I'm trying to find something in the 15-20 mile range that is quick to get out on and and the route travels along roads that are in good condition, have some kind of shoulder, and don't have heavy traffic. This ride was pretty good for all three. It's not a ride in the countryside, there are a handful intersections to navigate, but overall the roads were wide enough to accommodate a cyclist and not so heavily travelled that it was stressful to be riding.

It was raining when I rode tonight, a very light misting/drizzle. By the time I got home it was a bit heavier, but not so much that I was nervous about road traction. Definitely got wet though, water dripping from the helmet and all.

Bookmarking this ride for later use...

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June 8, 2009

Evening Bike Ride around the Fells

For today's ride I tried a new route I had plotted out on Google maps after feeling short-changed on the last route I tried.

The stretch up South Border road looks inviting on the map. I've driven on that road before, in my mind it was a scenic stretch through the woods. Reality is that there's 2 inches of shoulder on that road, an uphil climb when traveling west, and quite a bit of traffic. I guess I should have known better than trying that route around 5pm when folks are trying to get home to their loved ones. Probably a better route if I'm going out early in the morning.

Heading north on Highland Avenue was a bit better. Still a lot of traffic but a bit more shoulder. As I got up closer to the bridge over I-93 traffic lightened up.

The second half of the ride was perfect. Franklin St. from Stoneham into Melrose and then the Fellwsay East back to Malden were the right way to end the ride.

This will be a good route for early mornings when traffic is light, I'm back to Google maps to do some more fiddling.

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June 6, 2009

Road Bike Riding Around the Fells, North of Boston

I technically don't ride a road bike, but I'm on the hunt for a few good road routes around Malden, Medford, Winchester, Stoneham, Melrose and surrounding areas north of Boston.

Last year I tried to get more regular about riding my bike (inspired by Pete), and went on more regular evening rides during the summer. Nothing terribly long, just a chance to get out and stretch the legs a bit while enjoying the cooling summer evening.

The route I usually took is here, north through the center of the Fells and then back down along the eastern side. I think it's biker friendly enough, but not terribly long, so I'm exploring. A copy of Road Biking Massachusetts is on the way which might help.

I tried this route again today, stopping in the Fells to meet up with the family who hiked in for a picnic. When I got home I spent some time on Google maps to plot out a longer route to try next time.

I figure I need to "prove" myself by riding enough to warrant a second bike, more suited for the task. I like my mountain bike, and slicks go a long way, but it's nothing like being on a road bike.

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