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June 8, 2009

Evening Bike Ride around the Fells

For today's ride I tried a new route I had plotted out on Google maps after feeling short-changed on the last route I tried.

The stretch up South Border road looks inviting on the map. I've driven on that road before, in my mind it was a scenic stretch through the woods. Reality is that there's 2 inches of shoulder on that road, an uphil climb when traveling west, and quite a bit of traffic. I guess I should have known better than trying that route around 5pm when folks are trying to get home to their loved ones. Probably a better route if I'm going out early in the morning.

Heading north on Highland Avenue was a bit better. Still a lot of traffic but a bit more shoulder. As I got up closer to the bridge over I-93 traffic lightened up.

The second half of the ride was perfect. Franklin St. from Stoneham into Melrose and then the Fellwsay East back to Malden were the right way to end the ride.

This will be a good route for early mornings when traffic is light, I'm back to Google maps to do some more fiddling.

Posted by mike at June 8, 2009 10:43 PM