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October 19, 2010

Back Porch Project: Structural Complete

In Sept and Oct 2010 we embarked on a gutting and rebuilding effort to make a badly delapidated and sagging 2nd story back porch into a usable space. This entry is one in a series.

For folks who haven't been to our house and hadn't seen this architectural wonder, part of our 2nd floor back porch hangs out over the driveway about 6-8 foot (depending how you measure). It's cantilevered off of some questionable supports and has been sagging since before we owned this home.

My brother Dave is out to really kick things into high gear with the project. Day 1 of our rebuild project was to jack up the corner and add in new supports.

Really, really excited that by 6pm we had gathered the family to have a "lowering onto the new supports" celebration.

We added two new support beams, one 10-foot vertical beam and another 45-degree beam. With these in place the porch has significantly better support, and is now level on that corner!!

Posted by mike at October 19, 2010 7:12 AM