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May 19, 2011

Developer Happiness at Etsy

Listening to Chad Dickerson (CTO at Etsy) speaking about optimizing for developer happiness at RailsConf 2011.

Etsy releases software 25 times a day with 75 engineers. They emphasize constant progress with a radical decentralization. It shouldn't work, but they are built on trust. There is one button that folks can press (after some fanfare) that pushes code up to production

They've had developers push code on their first day, they've had board members deploy code.

Chad contrasts industrial revolution assembly line times with how Etsy works. Etsy highly prioritizes letting the developers be human, having lunches together, having offices that are full of creative, fun stuff. Dogs have deployed code by guiding a paw to pressing the button.

Releases are done with a self-managed push queue, developers put their names in a queue kept track of in an IRC topic. When the first person in line pushes and is clear he/she notifies the next in line.

Remember, your team is your community. Help people finish things and see their progress.

Optimize your teams for the happiness of people.

Posted by mike at May 19, 2011 3:03 PM