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May 19, 2011

Glenn Vanderburg on Building Software

Fantastic closing keynote by Glenn Vanderburg at RailsConf 2011 about software engineering.

Great ideas about software engineering and how it compares to classical engineering disciplines (civil, structural, industrial, mechanical, electrical, traffic, etc). Compares the definition and process of structural engineering to software engineering.

Is software engineering or craftsmanship? In software, the documentation that is required by other disciplines is actually the artifact that gets built in software engineering. Classical engineers diagram, plan, document, model and then take those and build the artifact. Software engineers diagram, plan, document, and model as a part of building the actual artifact. Also interesting, software is changing the way classical engineering works, a lot of software being used in the planning process to understand how the actual artifact

We are designers and builders. Software has to be the solution and describe the solution.

Programs must be written for people to read and only incindentally for machines to execute. Harold Abelson and Gerald Jay Sussman

We are engineers and craftsmen.

Posted by mike at May 19, 2011 2:43 PM